At the Life Span Institute, our research began in the 1960s as an effort to better understand the needs and development of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who were isolated in institutional settings that rejected them as full human beings. That early focus on inclusion and equity has evolved and broadened over the past six decades to include research, service and outreach across the fields of education, behavioral science and neuroscience.

Through Intersections, we have shared stories of the impact of that research. Intersections offered new research findings, news about research in progress, and featured our scientists and students—and the questions that drive them. We are dedicated to translating our science through words, photos and video to show how it can help teachers in the classroom, people struggling with addiction, the health and development of children, individuals with disabilities, and communities trying to thrive. Although the publication is on hiatus, you can subscribe to Intersections to receive it by email when it is produced beginning in summer 2023.